From Moth to a Butterfly

We recently helped two working professionals in the hospitality sector, who had found their dream home.

The property was several years old and had been rented, more recently it was left vacant. Previous tenants’ over-zealous makeovers, furniture removals coupled with a lack of maintenance, the property condition had vastly deteriorated.

Although the property would be rented, it was planned to be Stefanie and Chris’ home for the foreseeable future. They realised the  potential and the need for a little bit of “TLC” and so immediately committed to the new tenancy with assurance from the Agent that the repairs and maintenance work would be completed prior to their occupation.

With the move fast approaching, Stefanie and Chris were becoming increasingly perturbed over the time it was taking for the repair works to be remedied; ultimately fearing that, as tenants, they would be held responsible and accountable to pay for any damages and repairs to the property once they moved in.

Work which had been identified during their brief visits were reported directly to the Managing Agent whom passed these items to their subcontractor back and forth. Due to this 3 way channel it was leading to items being omitted, misinterpreted or unable to be identified causing disagreement and confusion by all parties.

You can see how laborious it was for Stephanie and Chris having to cope with this endless process, in addition to holding down full time jobs, packing for the move, and taking care of their young children.

This situation had been running over 5 weeks when we were contacted for assistance. We immediately arranged to visit the property and compiled a report.

Over 300 items were found, some noted as being damaged and others were defects from the original build. As this is a rental property, the latter items needed to be noted for their condition and faulty or damaged useable items would be replaced or rectified.

All items were fully documented and clearly photographed with the location points. The reporting format is designed to work for all parties; the tenant, landlord and contractor, providing a clear guide for each party to follow. This evidently sped up the process and improved communication channels significantly.

Stefanie and Chris were immediately able to use the report as a basis for discussion with each party to quickly agree actions required or noting those that required no action, but were on file for future reference.

Within one week following the report issue, Qualitaz revisited the property and were amazed at the transformation. The property was now ready to be called a home!

Our customers were happy that they could now start to enjoy their new home and the condition report can be filed away until their exit from the tenancy. The contractor also shared his delight, as he commented that “previously, it was endless cycle with no closure in sight”.

The report is not only beneficial to the tenant, but it also provides protection to the Landlord, recording the condition of the property at a point in time which in turn ensures that neither party is held liable for works not attributed to one another.

If you are experiencing or have experienced in the past, a similar issue, we would love to hear from you.

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*all names have been changed for client confidentially.